RCB Merch

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Meet us at the tailgate to pick up one of these items. Prices and availability are subject to change.


"Vae Victus" Member scarf - $20

The "Vae Victus" scarf is the original RCB scarf. Every RCB member receives one upon paying membership dues.


"We've Come for your wives" Scarf - $15

So when we travel to away games, the home supporters know what we've come for. We'll settle for 3 points, though.


"We Love You Salt Lake" 2018 Pride Scarf - $15

Designed for Pride 2018, this scarf shows our love for our three professional clubs (Real Salt Lake, Real Monarchs, and Utah Royals) and for our city and community. The RCB stands strongly in support of inclusion and equality for the LGBTQ community. $5 of proceeds of each scarf are donated to Equality Utah.


"Rocky Mountain Cup" 2017 Scarf - $15

A scarf to help you remember whose cup it is.


RCB Tank Top - $5

Black tank top with the RCB crest.


"Zero Fucks Given" T-Shirt - $5

Requires a background check to determine the actual amount of fucks you give.


RCB Men's and Women's Hoodies - $35

In case you need to cover your head, but have no hat.


RCB Koozie - $2

For beer only, Becky.


RCB Patch - $5

So you can have the coolest punk jacket.

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If you're not able to make it to the tailgate, contact us here to arrange a purchase.